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Assistant Librarian

Introducing Assistant Librarian.  Your campus will get two certified librarians at one   time.  The assistant librarian helps your campus librarian fulfill all the tasks assigned without a project going undone or falling behind.  The assistant librarian affords the library department to thrive without the cost of a library aide which incurs expensive benefit packages including the salaried regular position.  Assistant Librarian solves time concerns and worries completing all the other duties as assigned allowing work efficacy during school hours.  

Strategic Support

Points To Ponder

  • Is the campus librarian the digital resources technician? 

  • Is the campus librarian the webpage designer?

  • Is the campus librarian an auxiliary (specials) teacher? 

  • Is the campus librarian the book fair coordinator? 

  • Is the campus librarian the literacy events organizer? 

  • Is the campus librarian an instructional leadership team member? 

More Points

  • Is the campus librarian the library collections curator?
  • Is the campus librarian the book club sponsor? 

  • Is the campus librarian the makerspaces club sponsor?

  • Is the campus librarian the yearbook advisor? 

  • Is the campus librarian the broadcast team sponsor?  


If the answer is “yes” to more than three vital roles above, then the campus librarian needs my services. 

Sustainable Solutions

Assistant Librarian may accomplish any of the following assignments:

  • Assist with classroom management 

  • Bulletin board and book display creations

  • Catalog new books

  • Check in/check out books to staff and/or students

  • Coordinate literacy events: book fairs, library nights, read-a-thons, seasonal reading campaigns, etc.

  • Create templates for monthly reports, quarterly updates, end of year reports, and more

  • Generate book lists using school/district selection procedures (campus librarian approves and orders)

  • Organize and/or prepare technology devices for teacher and/or student checkout

  • Remove outdated and worn books from collection:  removes labels, removes campus identifiers, and box for school removal procedure

  • Revise and update library webpage

  • Revise and/or update lesson plans including creating student hands-on activities and/or locating student website activities

Pricing varies based on nature of tasks. Hourly rates available.

Mrs. Haynes served as a catalyst in my career in Library and Information Science. Because of Mrs. Haynes guidance and support, I was able to pivot from an English Language Arts teacher into school librarianship. While studying for librarianship I became interested in other information science applicable careers and the rest is history. I highly recommend Mrs. Haynes’ services and expertise.

Lilian S.


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