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Library Makeovers

The physical library area is just as important as its climate and culture.  The library makeovers design aesthetically pleasing spaces for all patrons; the spaces also provide functionality for multipurpose use and organized, vibrant book collections meeting the academic needs and individualized choice learning for the school’s community.  Makeovers provide a welcoming atmosphere for daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly activities. 

How It Works



The campus librarian provides a tour of the school library; during this on-site visit Fiya Librarian assesses the library’s layout including but not limited to storage, office, workroom, makerspaces, teaching-learning floor space, and collections.  After the tour the campus librarian shares her goals for one or more areas with the consultant, and then collaboration occurs discussing areas for improvements and steps towards the goal.

Pricing is for campus visits within 15 miles of Sugar Land, Texas; 16 miles or more, mileage will be added.




Based on the physical visit and collaboration, Fiya Librarian develops a working plan for enhancing the organizational structure of one area of the library chosen by the campus librarian.  The Basic Plan includes a digital copy for the school librarian and administrator of the enhanced area, a detailed explanation of benefits of the improved area, and the next steps in the process to achieve the change.



A complex plan is developed based on the needs of the campus’ library’s goals and vision and includes two or more areas of the library.  Again both the school librarian and campus administrator will receive a digital copy of the plan including the detail process, and next steps.  During the installation process, if plan revisions are needed an updated plan will be provided upon completion of the project.  Priority is given to the areas that align with improving circulation statistics and providing quality of service for all patrons.



Fiya Librarian works with campus librarian and volunteers provided by the school community installing the basic or complex plan at the campus library.  Installation may include but is not limited to reorganizing workroom cabinets, setting up makerspaces, shifting collections to a new area, creating a hold section for ease of access for patron pick up and/or delivery, updating decor, and/or any other meaningful project fulfilling the unique needs of the school’s library.

Pricing varies based on the extent of the product.

Materials are at cost and to be ordered by the client

Makeover Examples

Mrs. Haynes served as a catalyst in my career in Library and Information Science. Because of Mrs. Haynes guidance and support, I was able to pivot from an English Language Arts teacher into school librarianship. While studying for librarianship I became interested in other information science applicable careers and the rest is history. I highly recommend Mrs. Haynes’ services and expertise.

Lilian S.


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