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Meet Tanya

Tanya Haynes, Fiya Librarian

After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Xavier University of Louisiana, the educational legacy of Tanya Haynes began as an elementary school teacher of emotionally and behaviorally challenged students. Tanya has taught all ages and grades, from kindergarten to secondary students, including summer programs and specialized math and science programs for at-risk youth. She continued growing as an educator, changing from lower grades to a high school English teacher and holds multiple certifications in both Texas and Louisiana.

She earned her Master’s in Library Information Science and began her new role in librarianship, working as intermediate and middle school media specialists and most recently as an elementary teacher-librarian. Her passion for teaching students ignited students’ choice learning in the library. She believes students are most motivated when they are allowed to find the answers to their own questions and are allowed to explore new information and roles while learning and working in the library. Tanya’s library grows students' personal and educational development through systemic programming designed with youth in mind. 


She has sparked students’ love of learning through many student-centered programs from library helpers to specialized events and transformational book clubs and the glow of learning has lasted students' entire educational careers.  


In pursuit of a leadership role, she recently obtained her Principal Certificate and is now serving the community as a library consultant to librarians and library leaders.


In 1993, Tanya married her best friend, Steve and they live in Stafford, Texas.  After 30 years of marriage, they are still besties, and enjoy traveling, walking, and eating together.  They have one son who also enjoys spending time with the family. 

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