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Professional Development

School librarianship uniquely supports the campus goals by providing an instructional leader, a print resources expert, and technology savvy learner.  Fiya Librarian Consulting provides school librarians training and development in contemporary librarianship through revealed trends and sustainable traditions as the basis of our training methods.   State standards provide sound guidelines and master educators serve as collaborators in the librarian's reflective process of building one’s professional toolkit. 


Group Spark

Professional development sessions and workshops designed to introduce new information or reacquaint professionals with existing research in order to improve the campus library program. Group Spark informs staff members of the possibilities of a vibrant library program focused on the campus community working together to enhance student learning.

Package based on client needs and goals.

Group Ignite

Professional development series and workshops dedicated to goal setting that aligns with the campus vision and goals. Librarians and other professionals work together to reimagine the library's services and craft a phenomenal experience for students, teachers, and families. Package available based on client needs and goals.

Group Stoke

Professional development series, workshops, library makeovers, and coaching proposes a school wide excitement by growing the capacity of library personnel and energizing the surrounding community to support their local library through volunteering opportunities and/or investing in the ongoing student and adult based literacy programs.

Package available based on client needs and goals.



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Mrs. Haynes served as a catalyst in my career in Library and Information Science. Because of Mrs. Haynes guidance and support, I was able to pivot from an English Language Arts teacher into school librarianship. While studying for librarianship I became interested in other information science applicable careers and the rest is history. I highly recommend Mrs. Haynes’ services and expertise.

Lilian S.


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