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Equipping librarians to lead

Fiya Librarian supports the crucial role of school librarians providing experienced-based professional development, research-based coaching, and team centered collaboration.


The Fiya Librarian

I'm Tanya Haynes, a library consultant working with educators, students, and families in classrooms and school libraries.

Tanya Haynes, Fiya Librarian

Who I Work With


Librarians serve as dynamic resources for all educators at every grade level and subject area; therefore, their training requires varied and specific skill sets.


I can help with:

  • Literacy advocacy 

  • Professional learning

  • Strategic planning


Collaborating with school leadership and librarian leaders to identify and evaluate library program needs while crafting short or long term goals for innovative librarianship. Assisting leadership with interviewing candidates, coaching staff members, planning and implementing processes for developing premier literacy environments.

I can help with:

  • Conferences and workshops

  • Motivating staff

  • Training and developing new leaders


Assistant Librarian

Assistant Librarian provides the campus librarian an additional set of eyes, ears, and hands to accomplish school-wide job functions.

Library Makeovers

Designing aesthetic spaces for all patrons, functionality for multipurpose use, and organized, vibrant book collections.


Empowering librarians to make connections with patrons to meet the collective needs of the campus and the singular needs of individuals.

Professional Development

Providing school librarians training and development in contemporary librarianship through revealed trends and sustainable traditions.

Mrs. Haynes served as a catalyst in my career in Library and Information Science. Because of Mrs. Haynes guidance and support, I was able to pivot from an English Language Arts teacher into school librarianship. While studying for librarianship I became interested in other information science applicable careers and the rest is history. I highly recommend Mrs. Haynes’ services and expertise.

Lilian S.


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